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Neon Genesis Evangelion: 2D culture and more (Part 3)


In the last 2 episodes of Evangelion and movie The end, we learn that both Gendo and the Seele faction are pursuing the so-called “Human instrumentality project”. Based on the instructions of the Serrect Dead Sea Scrolls, Seele and Gendo will “guide” history to the end, that is when all beings in the world are “destroyed” (or turned into orange juice as well) and all. both “soul” merged into “one” (ie Giant naked Rei). Although the execution method is relatively similar, Gendo and Seele both pursue their own goals.

With Seele, they want humanity (or themselves) to “evolve” into a perfect and eternal life form.

β€œBring forth the true form of the Eva series. The true form will evangelize humanity. Through indiscriminate death and through prayer, we will return to our original state. ”

As for Gendo, he wanted to pass all “souls” into “one” to “reunite with his wife, Yui Ikari, who because the” accident “decades ago made” soul “become the core. of the EVA that Shinji rode. By the way, Gendo (and his wife) said that the “union” will help people no longer suffer. Because every being has a limit, a certain defect. By being combined into “one”, each person’s defect is “filled” by the other.

But the question is, why must become “one”? Why before humans “evolve” they must return to being “one” first? (We will return to our original state). Evolution is often understood as “going forward”, but Seele and Gendo want to put the Human race “back into” the old state? There is nothing difficult to understand here, the filmmakers are using Hegel’s 3-Step Dialectic. To understand better, we need to talk a little bit about Hegel as well as his dialectical idealistic philosophy.


Similar to Kant, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) is also a big name in German philosophy. As mentioned above, Hegel as well as other names in German idealism (Fichte, Schelling) oppose Kant’s setting limits on reason with the division of “noumenal world” and “phenomenal world”.

Reason has no limits, Hegel argues. And instead of dividing into two separate worlds like Kant, Hegel suggested that we should only consider the world we live in as “the real world” and by reason, humans are fully aware only this “real world”.

Next, Hegel agrees with Kant that the world is shaped by the human mind. However, Hegel argued that that “person” could not be an individual, a “self” but a set of infinite “self”, ie “true self” (world-spirit).

To understand why Hegel said this, we have to talk a little bit about the theology of creation (Creatology) and the influence of the French Revolution (1789-1799).


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