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demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba th - Evangelion Merch

Tracing the Evolution of Tanjiro Kamado in Demon Slayer

Tanjiro Kamado, the protagonist of the in style anime collection Demon Slayer, is a fancy and multifaceted character who undergoes vital growth all through the course of the present. From his humble beginnings as a kind-hearted and decided younger boy, to the highly effective and expert demon hunter he turns into, his journey is one […]

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Top Best Anime Series For Otaku

Anime appeared in the early 1970s and became the most captured viewers genre and had many long-time fans all time. It still holds the number-one position with the newly-produced anime series. While the latest animes are released and occupy the mind and hearts of more people, the anime made 10, 20, or even 30 years […]

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Top 5 Anime T-Shirts You Must Have

1. Evangelion T-shirt. Top 5 Anime T-Shirts You Must Have Evangelion is a manga and anime series from Japan that has a variety of t-shirt designs. This t-shirt has characters from Evangelion as well as a design that shows your love for the series. Click this link below to buy this this trendy Evangelion t-shirt: […]

Tokyo Revengers Anime - Evangelion Merch

Greatest Combat Anime Like Evangelion With Plenty of Fight Scenes

Anime is a great way to escape reality and immerse yourself in another world. Whether it’s a story about young people struggling to find their place in the world, or action-packed battles between good and evil, these shows are sure to keep you entertained. Check out our list of the best anime like Evangelion with […]

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The Best Ahegao Merchandise That Will Have You Rejoicing

We’ve all watched a lot of anime, and let’s face it, the best part of our favorite shows is undoubted all the screaming and squealing that takes place during the violent parts. The best Ahegao merchandise will make you feel as though you are actually there, screaming at the top of your lungs to convey […]

ssrcomhoodiemenscharcoal heatherfrontsquare productx600 bgf8f8f8.1 - Evangelion Merch

The Top 5 Best Hoodie That You Should Have In Your Wardrobe

Over the past couple of decades, the humble hoodie has become one of the most essential items in every closet. The hoodie is now shown up as a cornerstone of urban streetwear, a part of the unofficial work-from-home uniform, and the comfy king of lounging around. And since just about every clothing brand under the […]

Rei Ayanami Japanese Anime Casual Crewneck Sweatshirts Men s Manga Hipster Sweatshirt Unisex Oversized Sweatshirt Homme - Evangelion Merch

Top 5 Must-have Anime Winter Items For Anime Fans

1. Evangelion Rei Ayanami’s Back Sweater. This is a very comfortable, warm and cozy sweater for lovers of Evangelion series. You will be the center of attraction with this design without any hesitation.This Evangelion Rei Ayanami’s Back Sweater from Evangelion Rei Merchandise comes in eight sizes (from S to 5XL) and a varity of colors […]

Funny Japan Anime Evangelion Hoodie Men Manga Unisex Streetwear Pullover - Evangelion Merch

Top Best Anime Hoodies For Winter Days

1. Evangelion Funny Winter Hooded Hoodie. If you are a fan of the anime series Evangelion, this Evangelion Funny Winter Hooded Hoodie is a practical and cool choice for you. This hoodie is made from a durable polyester fabric and it’s available in many different sizes and colors so you can get exactly what you […]

drstone - Evangelion Merch

Dr. Stone: An Emotional Death Jump-Starts Senku’s Next Adventure

In the emotional Season 2 finale of Dr. Stone, Senku sets off to unravel the mystery of petrification and save an important friend. The second period of Dr. Stone arrives at an enthusiastic resolution that opens the entryway for some more undertakings and provides Senku with a reestablished feeling of direction. Following the fight with […]

5 Fun Facts About Evas – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Set in 15 years after a worldwide cataclysm, Neon Genesis Evangelion the anime revolves around troubled teenager Shinji as he pilots a mecha called an Evangelion. Evas are designed to defend humanity against alien creatures called Angels. Evas appeared again in the rebuild of Evangelion films many years after the anime was completed. The first […]

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