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New Berserk Chapter Will Also Include Memorial to Kentaro Miura

Distributer Hakusensha declares a “new chapter” of the Berserk manga, which will likewise memorialize the series’ late maker, Kentaro Miura.

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Another section of the Berserk manga will be distributed in Young Animal magazine.

As per Anime News Network, a new section will memorialize maker Kentaro Miura, who abruptly died in May at age 54 because of intense aortic analysis. The substance and creator of this new part are at present were not reported, so it’s as yet unclear if distributer Hakusensha will proceed with the series with another creator, or on the other hand, if this new section is produced using Miura’s unreleased work. The new delivery will highlight a full shading page, and will likewise come bundled with a banner including probably the most famous scenes from the Berserk manga. The issue will likewise accompany a booklet named “Messages to Miura,” which will include analysis from fans and other manga and anime makers who were moved by Miura’s work. The new part will be distributed with the eighteenth issue of Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine, which is the place where the Berserk manga was serialized lately. The issue goes marked down in Japan on Sept. 10.

Berserk recounts the account of Guts, an incredible champion with a huge sword, who meanders the land as he looks for vengeance on a previous friend who removed everything from him. Miura’s epic was first distributed in 1989 and has since sold more than 50 million duplicates around the world. The dim dream series has brought forth different anime and computer game transformations and is generally referred to by other present-day makers and specialists as having a colossal impact on their work. Assault on Titan maker Hajime Isayama has expressed that Berserk was a significant impact on his series, as has Castelvania maker Adi Shankar. Information on Miura’s startling passing in May was welcomed with an overflowing of compassion from experts across media outlets.

Strangely, Hakusensha depicts the commemoration section as simply the “most recent” discharge in the Berserk series. Fans are presently isolated on the subject of whether the series should proceed without Miura; some need Guts’ excursion to be given a legitimate end by another creator, while others contend that Berserk was so firmly characterized by Miura’s vision that no other maker might actually proceed with his inheritance.

The Berserk manga is limited and dispersed by Dark Horse Comics in North America. The 2016 Berserk CG anime is presently accessible for gushing on Crunchyroll.

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